Necklace in sterling, peach moonstone, howlite and green moss agate


This necklace is rich with multiple types of agate, moonstones, Howlite and sterling silver. Multiple strands with various textures create a particularly unique look that is sure to attract attention. The moss green, peach, and white color scheme is particularly harmonious.
I call this “Nursery in the Reeds.” The shapes and colors bring to mind the early Spring reeds in the shallows, which are the perfect place for egg laying and protection when the babies hatch.
It matches up perfectly with the "bracelet in sterling, peach moonstone, Howlite and green moss agate" and "Drop earrings in sterling, peach moonstone and green moss agate."

Necklace length: 20”

Moss agate beads
Moss agate focal pieces
Peach moonstone beads
Peach moonstone chips
Rainbow moonstone beads
Rainbow moonstone beaded silver plate chain .
Green tree agate beads
Howlite beads
Sterling silver beads
Sterling silver lobster-claw closures
Sterling silver chain
Sterling silver charms
Sterling silver findings

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