Necklace in garnets, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver with mother-of-pearl pendant


This necklace is a wonderful contrast of textures and color. The carved mother-of-pearl focal piece and sterling sand dollar charm add a special touch to the pearl and garnet combination.
I call this “Rose Garden at the Shore.” The garnets are that dark red which is so famous in roses, and the mother-of-pearl is reminiscent of shell hunts at the shore. It also reminds me of the Queen of hearts in Alice and Wonderland, but I didn’t think “Off With Her Head” would be appropriate.

Necklace length: 20”

White rice freshwater pearls
Baroque freshwater pearls
Freshwater potato pearls
Garnet nuggets
Carved mother of pearl focal piece
Sterling silver charm
Sterling silver circle hook clasp
Sterling silver findings

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