Amethyst crystal and green faceted quartz set in sterling silver bezels dangle from silver ear wires


These delightfully different earrings sparkle with amethyst crystals and green faceted quartz. The long, rectangular green quartz stones set in sterling silver bezels hang from sterling ear wires, and are remarkably clear and of a pale color. The facets pick up surrounding colors nicely, making them quite versatile. The amethyst crystals are quite large and of a freeform shape, making them feel organic, which is a nice contrast with the bezelled quartz. Casual or dressy, these earrings will go with you everywhere!

Total length: 2"
width: .475"

Amethyst crystals (approx. 16 x 12 mm)
Green quartz 16 x (4mm)
Sterling silver oval beads
Sterling silver bezel
Sterling silver ear wires

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