Silver and Pewter Beaded Black Leather Lariat


Black braided deer hide leather lariat necklace with striking silver and pewter beads and gemstones can be worn and tied multiple ways due to its longer length. The fringe is rich with beads and gemstones, with embellishments like a sassy silver peacock, pewter leaves, and sterling heart and shell charms. This is even more fun to wear than it is to look at and it is impossible not to play with it! It also makes a great belt!

Length: 54"

Deer hide leather lace
Silver plated beads and embellishments
Pewter beads and embellishments
Sterling silver charms
Sterling silver beads
Sterling silver wire
Sterling silver chain
Obsidian nuggets
Snowflake obsidian nuggets

I make each piece lovingly in Michigan. I call this piece "Moonlight on the Bay." The sparkle of the silver against the black of the suede leather reminds me of the sparkle of moonlight on the lake just after it rises, when the sky is very dark and the owls are hooting.

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